Friday, March 23, 2007


OK, so here I am, with a blog of my own. This is no time for writer's block!

I own a small fiber arts shop in Fairbanks, Alaska - you can see more about that here ( (Eventually, I will learn how to put all those nifty links into these posts, but for now . . . )
I have a cat who is amazingly well-behaved around yarn, just don't wiggle it in front of her face.
I have a husband who is an amazing fiber artist in his own right - weaving, needlefelting, and now knitting and wet felting.

Oh, me? Well, I do a little of a lot - I spin (wheel and spindle), knit, crochet, felt (needle and wet), do most any form of needlework, and even weave a little (no, really, the DH is a much more accomplished weaver, and has the patience for warping looms that I often lack).

So I find myself here all because I decided to join the Granny Along ( and suddenly I'm in the blogosphere - not by necessity, just by proximity. You know,
1. log into blogger to log into the Granny Along.
2. now that you're in blogger, would you like a blog of your own?
3. you would? then please select all of these cool available features for your blog.

Almost two hours later (because I had to look at other blogs I like to decide on some of those cool features) I've nearly published my first post. There are no photos - yet. I have no concept of how often you can expect to see a new post here. This is all a mad scientist experiment - I hope it doesn't explode.


Susan in Fairbanks said...

Just testing the comments section. I think my first post looks pretty good.

AnnieElf said...

Hi. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blanket today at GrannyAlong. And welcome to the blogsphere. It really is a lot of fun. I like your basket that didn't make it. so sad.