Wednesday, April 18, 2007


OK, it's been bugging the bejeepers out of me that my archive list showed all my posts as 13 months before they were posted (i.e. February 2006 instead of March 2007). So I've surrendered to the work-around - I have changed my settings to Pacific Daylight Time. So now the only thing wrong with my posts is the timestamp, which shows me posting an hour later than I am (it's sort of like posting in the future from my perspective).

One day, Blogger will figure out how to let Alaskans post in our own timestamp, and archive to the right month. Until then, I will post in the future.


ayla said...

wind up sushi:

Anonymous said...

Suuuussannnn.... it's time for another post...
your friend in fiber adventures-

Edie said...

you're welcome! now let's see a new post... and maybe an angel??