Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Can I have a Do-Over?

I'd like a do-over for the last month or so. Not that anything went wrong, it just seemed to go by so fast I feel like I'm missing a month. Actually, I started feeling like this last Christmas (which kind of snuck up on me). But it didn't get to feeling like a month or more until this summer. And September was a pretty good month, so I'd like to pick that one to do over.

So my reason for no blogging in September is that it just swept by too quickly to blog. (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)

This is always a busy time of year for us. The shop gets busier because everyone's thoughts turn to spinning and weaving and knitting and ..... Then there are the yarn reps who come up to tempt me with new yarns. And last (but not least) it is craft show season.

Our first show was this past weekend (Oct. 12-13). While we only do three heavy hitting shows, there's always some drama - like:

- "where did the leftover polymer clay pens from last year get packed?"

- "honey, I just designed something new. how much should we charge? no you can't sell these first two, or you'll have nothing to show people. you have to take orders"

- "what do you mean we ran out of tags? sure, I can print more tonight (I think I have the right labels)"

Now the big question that occurs is why, when I know it's coming, when I know we need more stock, when I know summer would be a great time to be baking polymer clay (because I could do it outside where there's more than enough ventilation), why do we leave it all to the last minute. OK, the DH gets a break on the first piece of drama (see above) - we both thought we knew what box those pens were in, so they were supposed to just be a "grab and go." Turns out we'd taken them over to one of the galleries to bulk out their existing stock of my polymer clay creations. Ooops!

But still, it would be nice to be more on top of this for a change. Well, maybe next year. (Yes, there are still shows left this year. But let's face it, I'm already behind, and I've added an "event" this year that's this coming Saturday, for which I have no prior framework so I'm winging it. The idea of just "catching up" is sounding pretty good. Getting in front of the curve - not likely.)

And before everyone screams about the lack of photos, I'm having downloading problems with the old camera. It's probably time to break down and get a new one, but the one I really want is an SLR digital in the $600-800 range. (sigh)

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