Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spooky Fun

Happy Halloween!
I am a moderate Halloween devotee. In large part because we don't get many trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, and my favorite part (as an adult) has always been handing out candy and seeing what cute, scary, and/or inventive costumes the little ones wear.
But I do have a "costume" of my own - it's a cat-face headband (ears, nose, whiskers). I put it on when I hear someone coming into the shop (because otherwise the air around my nose gets a little to warm to breathe, and I can't get my soda can anywhere near my mouth).

But this year, we're doing something extra fun! Remember when I mentioned plying the seven seas (one ocean)? Well, the programming faeries/godesses/mavens at YoHoHo Puzzle Pirates have given us a competition. We'll be fighting zombies and skeletons this evening, trying to win fun prizes for our pirates. The competition started about 10 days ago, so tonight will determine who goes home with the "Book of Zombie" (1st place), and who goes home with the "Zombie Chowder" (7th place). If you want to learn more, just click the Puzzle Pirates logo on the right.

Okay, off to hunt the evil undead. Tomorrow: What happened with that event almost two weeks ago? and What kind of trouble did Susan get into shopping at The Needlework Show?

Happy Hauntings!

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