Monday, October 6, 2014

Spinzilla - Day One

Day One of Spinzilla is almost over.

I got a bit of a late start due to weekend plans getting re-arranged, but I feel like I'm on track now. Got my stash photos taken and posted to the team thread on Ravelry; filled my Golding golden dragonfly once (will be twice before sleep); and spun up one of four wild carded batts on the Ashford Joy wheel.

Here's a snap of my "starter" fiber (so very much more in my stash):

And here's why I did NOT go roaming around town today, spindling in random locations:

First week day with slick roads due to the first couple of inches of snow in town? I like to give everyone else a chance to get used to winter driving before I venture out in that.

More tomorrow!

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